Hyperhidrosis Therapy with Iontophoresis

Iontophoresis with normal Tap Water - Doing Iontophoresis with normal water from the tap is an uninstrusive, controlled therapy for the remediation of the symptoms of Hyperhidrosis. A continuous electric pulse is brought to the affected parts of the body by electrodes set into shallow tubs holding a small amount of normal tap water.

Reducing the excessive sweating to a natural level of is the goal of Iontophoresis.
The treatment with Iontophoresis is easily accomplished with hand and foot baths in trays that contain a small amount of tap water. A miniature electrical plate providing the current is installed on the inner part of the trays and the hands or feet are then placed inside the trays. The currents’ power can be elevated just up to the point where a minor prickling sensation is felt by the patient. The degree of flow from the glands producing sweat will diminish without damaging the glands themselves. Exaggerated perspiration of the axillar area can be treated by placing damp sponges in the axillar area and then running the electric current through the sponges for ten to fifteen minutes.

After achieving success with the initial Iontophoresis therapy, the sweat production of the hands, feet, or armpits can usually be very well regulated with the maintenance therapy.
The therapy with the DC device ( Direct Current ) is in use worldwide in clinics, and due to its’ remarkable effectiveness has been used in numerous clinical studies.
The Pulsed Current (PC ) and the Direct Current units have for many years auspiciously treated the symptoms of Hyperhidrosis.
The Pulsed Current therapy is unique for it’s innovative Iontophoresis technology and has been praised in scientific articles as the optimal treatment device for vulnerable patients, children and adolescents. Because it provides an exceedingly agreeable therapy the use of the Pulsed Current device is imperative for many sufferers. It is very improbable that Patients using a PC unit will sense any prickling sensation from the electronic current.
What is the “Electric Fence“ effect and how to avoid it?
The “ Electric Fence“ effect is a strong electric shock that happens when there is an ( involuntary ) interruption of the current during treatment. Fortunately, this effect no longer occurs in the devices of the Hidrex and Idromed series. Regrettably, this effect still happens with many Iontophoresis devices from other manufacturers.
To avert explicit contact of the epidermis with the electrode, a grid or a sponge should be placed between the affected body part and the electrode. If the distance between the body part and the electrode pad is too great, the current in the Iontophoresis device will stop. As soon as the current resumes, the gathered electrical force is released all at once, resulting in a brief but very acute electro- jolt ( the electric fence effect ).It’s not dangerous, but it is painful. With the devices from Hidrex and Idromed you can remove your hands or feet from the trays without getting an electrical shock.
Iontophoresis is a fast, simple and powerful therapy that can be successfully applied as treatment for excessive sweating.
At the outset the treatments are carried out for ten to fifteen minutes every day for two consecutive weeks. For some people it can take longer for the sweating to stop. It is in this beginning phase that we recommend that you find the current settings and the length of treatment times that best suit your needs. Finding a treatment routine that you are comfortable with will positively influence the course of your therapy. After achieving sweat free status ( 100% success ), the maintenance phase can begin.
Maintenance phase of Iontophoresis
After having achieved sweat free status, treatments should be continued on a maintenance level. If you need it, our support team can help you in determining how often your maintenance treatments should be while using the same current settings as you used in the initial phase. For some people it can be once a day for a half hour at twenty five mA and one of our customers only needs to treats just twice a year at five mA, and with this minimum he can maintain an adequate degree of dryness. Iontophoresis is a very individual therapy!
The Hidrex and Idromed units produce a real twenty five mA. Which is the maximal settings presently accessible on the market; The majority of Iontophoresis units from other manufacturers yield only two to ten mA.
As a beneficial and practical therapy, Iontophoresis devices can be used not only in a Doctors' practice or clinic, but they are also secure and simple to operate for home use.
Therapy with Iontophoresis
It is very important that our customers understand that we cannot predict when exactly the Iontophoresis therapy will start to have a positive effect on their Hyperhidrosis. We do know however, that consequently following through with the therapy schedule will eventually bring positive results and relief from excessive sweating.
In the beginning of the therapy most people will not notice any reduction of the sweating, in fact some people may actually experience an increase in sweating. Many of our customers discover after a certain number of treatments, that their sweating has suddenly and completely stopped. The frequency ( every day for ten to twenty minutes!) of treatments during the initial phase must be strictly maintained. This is of utmost importance! Otherwise it is very likely that the sweating will not stop.
There are of course the lucky exceptions. These are the patients that become one hundred percent dry after only a single therapy session. Most people however, need from three to eight weeks to get initially dry. Patience is the key! constancy and persistence can make all the difference in achieving success with the Iontophoresis therapy.
After having suffered cold and sweaty hands and feet for so many years, Many of our users ( after consequently treating for as little as a few days or for a few weeks ) now can enjoy the remarkably pleasant feeling of having warm, dry hands and feet.
If you are having problems with your treatments and you need assistance, then our experienced support team will be ready to help you. Don't hesitate to contact us at once with any questions that you may have. Or look into our Forum, where our clients write about their experiences with Iontophoresis and how they achieved their own personal success with the therapy. Here you can read what worked for others and get tips on how to achieve the best therapy results for yourself.
 If after achieving success with the initial treatments you do not continue with maintenance treatments, then after about two weeks the sweating will usually start to reappear. To begin with, the sweating will only be minimal, but the sweating will continuously increase and after about three or four weeks will have again reached the pre-therapy severity. Continuing the treatments will definitely keep the sweating under control.
After the sweating stops, you will need to determine for yourself by trial and error how often and at what current intensity you need to treat in order to remain dry.
The frequency and intensity of treatments required to maintain dry skin is highly variable. Iontophoresis is a very individual therapy.

What is the best device for the best results?

Without a doubt, the preeminent unit that we are offering for purchase today are our “pulsed current“ devices, the Idromed 5 PS as well as the Hidrex PSP1000.
When using the Idromed 5 PS you do not feel the electric current as intensely as you do when employing some of the other Iontophoresis machines. Although the Idromed GS, which uses direct current is very effective, using the Direct Current can sometimes cause soreness and discomfort at higher current settings. Using the device with pulsed current technology, which can be used at much higher current levels without feeling any discomfort, results in a much better and more comfortable therapy for people with sensitive skin and especially for children.
To put it in a nutshell:
the higher the level that you can adjust the current to, the more effective the therapy. An example of the difference between the two machines is that a Idromed PS device running at a current level of 25 mA feels comparable to a Idromed GS device running at a current level of 5mA. With the PS device you can choose a much higher current setting with far less discomfort. Again, the higher the level you can adjust the current to, the more effect you will have.
 Pulsed currents and Direct currents can each achieve comparable results, but a pulsed current Idromed is a must for :
-Hypersensitive Patients ( in particular children )
-Axillary treatment
-A milder, gentler therapy

If you are not able to pay for the cost of a pulsed current device, then we would advise you to select the direct current unit. With the DC device the current may be more difficult to endure and some customers with sensitive skin may not achieve the results that they had hoped for. If you discover that you are incapable of tolerating the current settings necessary – you can send the machine back to us in accordance with our 8 week trial.
 For the treatment of Hyperhidrosis, the Iontophoresis therapy using only tap water, either the Idromed 5 DC or PC device, is an applicable and dependable solution. With no use of medication, with no surgery and with very few secondary or adverse effects, in most cases the treatment of Hyperhidrosis can be successful.
Excessive Sweating can be treated with a Iontophoresis device. Do you suffer from hyperhidrosis? Iontophoresis could very well be the answer to your hyperhidrosis problems!
Tap water Iontophoresis units at fair and reasonable prices. Buy our Pulsed current tap water Iontophoresis devices here.


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