The effective iontophoresis appliances for the treatment of hyperhidrosis. No doctor's prescription needed!
We provide Aluminium or Stainless Steel electrodes

Avialable as a 230/240 Volt version with EU or UK plug, for 110 V areas a adaptor is available with US plug

Useful Accessories
In order to reasonably complement your basic equipment, we have optional accessories for you:Applicators for treating armpits, face, neck or back.

The Idromed comes in 2 different versions, the Idromed 5DC Direct current (Idromed 5 GS) or pulsed direct current Idromed 5PC (Idromed 5 PS)
The direct current and pulsed direct current iontophoresis-therapy is an internationally established and scientifically acknowledged treat ment procedure, which is known for years.
In scientific studies the therapy with pulsed direct current with the idromed® 5 PS is rated as the optimum therapy method, thanks to its new current type, especially for very sensitive patients, children and young people. The therapy current is almost not percepted.
Possible side effects are clearly reduced. The hands or feet can be taken out of the basins during the therapy without the usually known “electric fence effect” (electric shock).

Technical Data
Dimensions (L xWx H ): 290 x 390 x 110 mm
Dimensions of the unit (L xWx H ): 210 x 120 x 70 mm
Total weight: approx. 2,5 kg (unit, suitcase and accessories)
Power supply: 230V / 50Hz / 20VA

Special characteristics
• Easy and safe handling by a single adjusting knob
• Modern controller with clear-text display
• Electronic current limiting and safety switching, which avoids electric shocks
• Extensive aluminium plate electrodes for a homogeneous current density and to avoid allergies
• Mains operation, as battery operation would be a lot more expensive
• Stable suitcase, which also serves as basins for the hand or feet treatment

3 Products in Idromed


Idromed 5 DC

Iontophoresis Device DC (direct current)
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Idromed 5 PC

Iontophoresis Device PC (pulsed current)
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Underarm Pads w/ Electrodes

Supplement for the treatment of sweaty underarms
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