Iontophoresis: Review of the Idromed

The Idromed Iontophoresis Systems
The Idromed 5 DC (or Idromed 5 GS) and the Idromed 5 PC (or Idromed 5 PS) Iontophoresis systems have proven to be extremely effective systems for treating palmar, pedal axillary Hyperhidrosis of varying severity.
Because Pulsed Current technology is much more pleasant and pain free, it allows users to treat for longer times at higher current levels without them feeling the “intense. unpleasant stinging sensation“ felt while using the Direct Current units. Therefore, we strongly recommend that Hyperhidrosis sufferers purchase the Idromed5 PC device. Both the Idromed 5 PC and Idromed 5 DC are available at .
The Idromed Iontophoresis units come with everything that you need to treat Hyperhidrosis of the hands and feet. For the armpits you only need to order the special armpit pads. The Idromed units are built to last and have a long life expectancy. Technical Quality made in Germany - these are devices that you can rely on to treat Hyperhidrosis. But remember. Iontophoresis devices do not cure Hyperhidrosis. As of now there is no cure for Hyperhidrosis. However, Iontophoresis devices can in most cases effectively treat the symptoms of Hyperhidrosis: unwanted sweating.
After achieving “ sweat free “ status in the Initial Phase of the therapy, the user must continue with periodic maintenance treatments in order to prevent the sweating from returning. If these maintenance treatments are not carried out, the sweating will gradually return to the pre –therapy level.
Using the Idromed
The Idromed systems are unique and cannot be compared to other devices on the market. They are unrivaled in their innovative state of the art technology for the treatment of Hyperhidrosis. They were designed with great emphasis placed on “ user friendliness “, making these devices both safe and very easy to use. For example, unlike other devices, with Idromed there is no need for another person to operate the buttons for adjusting the current level when the user has both hands in the trays –with Idromed the current maximum values are displayed before the therapy starts, thus granting users the possibility of knowing and controlling at what levels they are treating. Each Idromed device comes with a vividly illustrated operating manual.

Idromed and Iontophoresis Therapy

The Iontophoresis therapy is a very individual therapy and length of therapy, frequency and current levels can vary greatly from user to user. Typically though, for most users, it takes 10 to 15 treatments to achieve a “ sweat free “ condition of the feet, hands or armpits. Some users can achieve this sooner and others take somewhat longer. The treatment settings of the current can vary from 1 to 25 mA depending on what body parts are to be treated.
For a safe and comfortable Iontophoresis therapy please refer to the following maximum settings :
* Armpit treatment : 5 mA
* Palm treatment : 15 mA
* Foot treatment : 25mA
The Idromed in detail:

Operating the Idromed
The two halves of the carrying case can be separated if the user wants to use the carrying case as the treatment trays. Fill the trays with the correct amount of tap water and the unit can now be joined to the mains plug. Press the button and the Idromed device is ready for use.
The Idromed 5 display now lights up :
Figure 1. The Idromed 5 now runs a routine self- test. Then, the Idromed display then shows a reminder of the maximum mA for treating the hands. feet and armpits.
Figure 2.
a. Adjust the desired current (mA) setting to your preference by simply turning a knob.
b. When treating the armpits, place the armpit pads in your underarms- or place feet or hands (or both ) in the trays 
Figure 3.
The current will slowly increase to your desired mA settings after the therapy starts. A current setting that is too weak or too strong can be adjusted during the treatment.
Figure 4.
You can now withdraw the feet, hands or the pads from the underarms when the therapy stops.
Figure 5.
After removing feet. hands and underarm pads from the trays and turning off the device. empty the water from the trays. dry the Idromed device thouroughly and put the Idromed device away in a safe place.

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