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Idromed 5 DC

Iontophoresis Device DC (direct current)

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Idromed 5DC (Direct current)

** For now, Dr Hoenle, the company that manufactures Idromed, does not offer any electrodes other than the aluminium ones. Nevertheless, if you want to use stainless steel electrodes with your Idromed device (or any other electrodes than aluminum electrodes, for that matter), you can order them additionally to the aluminum electrodes that come with the standard Idromed device. The stainless steel electrodes were not produced by Dr Hoenle. Dr Hoenle's warranty doesn't include the usage of any parts that are not made of the original materials that are used to make Idromed devices.

Choice of electrodes:  If you are not allergic to nickel or chrome, we advise you to order the stainless steel electrodes. Aluminum needs to be cleaned far more often than stainless steel, and the cleaning of aluminum electrodes can be a lot more difficult than that of the stainless steel electrodes. Also, stainless steel is more solid and less susceptible to the build-up of dirt and Calcium deposits than aluminum.

The Idromed 5 is a trusted and dependable Iontophoresis unit and therefore one of the first choices when treating hyperhidrosis. In a good percentage of cases, hyperhidrosis and severe sweating can be treated efficiently without surgical intervention or usage of medication, and few, minor side effects  by using the Idromed 5. We advise patients with tender skin (children etc.) and patients who want to treat their hands and armpits to try the Idromed 5PC or the Hidrex PSP1000. These units provide pulsed direct current, which leads to more pleasant therapy sessions and a reduction of skin irritations.


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It is possible for you to choose the type of electrodes that come with the set: Stainless steel or aluminum. For users that are not allergic to nickel or chrome, we recommend the upgrade to stainless steel. The aluminum electrodes do not contain any of those elements. The stainless steel electrodes have several advantages, especially the simple and rare cleaning. On the downside, they cost more than the aluminum electrodes. The differing prices can be seen when selecting the stainless steel electrodes as an upgrade.

The Idromed 5PC with mains plug, electrodes and cables.

In the standard set are included: One iontophoresis unit Idromed 5 DC (Direct Current), 230/240V, one power unit (foot switch), one pair of stainless aluminum electrodes (without nickel), one pair of electrode cables, one pair of distance grids, one English manual (available in other languages as well), and one break-proof transport case, which can be split in half and used as therapy trays.  

RISK-FREE PURCHASE! Due to our money-back guarantee of eight weeks, you can return the device if you're not satisfied with the results after two months. We will refund all your costs. The armpit electrode pads are not included in the warranty.

No medical prescription required!

- Price covers shipping all over the world! 
- Two months trial phase and money-back guarantee!

- Easy usage!
- No medication!
- Device arrives in a neutral package!
- Simultaneous treatment of hands and feet possible!
- Full warranty lasts for two years!
- Very little adverse effects!
- Professional and private therapy possible! 
- Fast and excellent treatment results!
- Our forum team offers priority support

Our direct current iontophoresis device against sweating, stops the sweat. Suitable for armpits, sweaty feet and handsweat.
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