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Silicone electrodes for Iontophoresis (for AAM DE20)

These silicone electrodes were made for the AAM DE20, but they can be used with Idromed or Hidrex devices as well. However, if you have an Idromed or Hidrex device, you will need special cables to connect these electrodes to your machine. You can select the right cables that will fit the 2 mm banana plug  by using the "option" menu. 
The electrodes come in thin sponges. You can use normal scissors to cut them. The size is 135*5100mm.
The price given will be charged per pair, excluding large orders.
Big silicone electrodes (black) in sponge pads (yellow).  
The silicone electrodes can't be used with the cables included in the Hidrex or Idromed sets!
The silicone electrodes need special cables with a 2 mm banana plug. Both Idromed and Hidrex use a 4 mm shielded banana plug with a male plug connector at the Iontophoresis unit, which will not fit the silicone electrodes. Idromed electrode cables have a female (socket) and Hidrex electrode cables a male (plug) connection for both stainless steel electrodes and aluminum electrodes. Furthermore, the cables are four times as thick as the ones you need for the silicone electrodes, which results in the latter having a limited life span. Due to the material used and the connection to the plug, they will probably not last ten years. Buying ahead and ordering several pairs might be a good idea.
Comparison between silicone electrode cables and Idromed/Hidrex electrode cables
In the picture on the left, you can see a standard pair of Hidrex cables. The picture on the right shows you how the special cables for the silicone electrodes look in direct comparison to the Hidrex ones.
Size of the sponge pads:
In cm: Length 19 cm x Width 13 cm x Height 0,7 cm
In inch: Length 7,5 in x Width 5,1 in x Height 0,2 in

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