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Aluminium electrodes for iontophoresis

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Aluminum Electrodes for Iontophoresis

Add on/spare aluminum electrodes for Iontophoresis therapy. Rust-proof, made of aluminum.
Please select the brand of your device (Idromed or Hidrex) in order to ensure we will send you the right electrodes with cables that fit into the connector of your iontophoresis unit (4 mm standard banana plug).
There are two options available; Standard Flat or L-Shaped (pictured below).
Flat aluminium electrodes for Hidrex or Idromed L-shaped aluminium electrodes for Hidrex or Idromed
While the Standard Flat is the bigger and more advantageous option in regards to current spread, the plug connection lies under the water surface during the treatment, which can rust  quickly  if you use highly ionic therapy water. This has no effect on the therapy, but  is only  an optical problem (rusty marks in the trays). The connection itself is made to last twenty years, even under tough circumstances.
** For now, Dr Hoenle, the company that manufactures Idromed, does not offer any electrodes other than the aluminum ones. Nevertheless, if you want to use stainless steel electrodes with your Idromed device (or any other electrodes than aluminum electrodes, for that matter), you can order them in  addition to the aluminum electrodes that come with the standard Idromed device. However, Dr Hoenle's warranty doesn't include the usage of any parts that are not made of the original materials that are used to make Idromed devices.
Choice of electrodes: If you are not allergic to nickel or chrome, we advise you to order the stainless steel electrodes. Aluminum needs to be cleaned far more often than stainless steel, and the cleaning of aluminum electrodes can be a lot more difficult than that of the stainless steel electrodes. Also, stainless steel is more solid and less susceptible to the build-up of dirt and  calcium deposits   than aluminum.

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