Big Special Applicator

Special Applicator to treat bigger areas, such as chest, back, stomach

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Large special applicator

This special applicator facilitates the treatment of bigger areas, for instance stomach, back or chest etc. It was made (and is only approved) for the use with Hidrex Iontophoresis devices. However, due to the possibility of  replacing the electrodes, it is also suitable for Idromed machines. It is made of thin yellow sponges and can be strapped to the body parts you want to treat. Simply connect the electrodes to your Iontophoresis device by using the normal electrode cables and start the therapy. Make sure to adjust the current settings in accordance  to the body parts you want to treat (sensitive skin requires low, pulsed therapy currents).
Important: If you already have underarm electrodes at home, you don't need to order additional electrodes for the special applicator! The same electrodes can be used for the face mask, the armpit pads and the applicators. If you don't have any small electrodes at home, though, please make sure you choose your fitting plug (Hidrex or Idromed), so that we can  send you the right electrodes to fit your device!
Large applicator with Hidrex electrodes 
Size of one half:
In cm: Length 20 cm x Width 20 cm x Height 0,5 cm
In inch: Length 7,8 in x Width 7,8 in x Height 0,2 in

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