Iontophoresis - a powerful weapon against Hyperhidrosis 

Iontophoresis - a powerful weapon against Hyperhidrosis

About three percent of the total population of the world suffer from a condition known as Hyperhidrosis. This is a condition in which the affected sweat profusely mostly from the feet, hands and under the arms . The sufferers have to live with clammy , wet handshakes , wet and smelly feet and dark , damp patches under the arms. Often they experience social isolation and fear of social contact and sometimes serious inferiority complexes. Iontophoresis is a therapy method deployed for the treatment of people suffering from Hyperhidrosis.
Iontophoresis was a breakthrough in the treatment of Hyperhidrosis, but unfortunately there is not yet a cure for it. People afflicted with extreme sweating can easily learn to treat themselves after buying a Iontophoresis machine for their personal use . Iontophoresis is a non- invasive therapy and does not require surgery or the use of drugs for treatment .
Treating the afflicted parts of the body in the beginning phase for about thirty minutes a day , every day , is required for five to twenty successive days, so that the moisture content of the skin can be diminished to levels that are normal . The recurrence of the treatments can be decreased once the initial phase of the treatment has been successfully completed.

The available Iontophoresis devices differ widely

There are Pulsed current ( PC ) Iontophoresis machines and there are machines that use direct current (DC ).  The use of pulsed current (PC ) machines is highly recommended by professionals because it makes it possible for the user to tolerate higher levels of current with much less discomfort  . The maintenance treatments will be fewer when the current level is higher – this is a fundamental axiom of Iontophoresis. Compared to the DC machines, , it has been confirmed that a lower current sensitivity is generated by the Pulsed current machines . That means that much more sweat reduction can be obtained and that the skin is much less susceptible to irritation because of this lowered current sensitivity . For children or for people with sensitive skin , the pulsed current machine is an ideal choice . One can use a higher mA setting or voltage without fear of elevated discomfort and because the PC machines produce less irritation , there is a big advantage in the PC machine.

How does Iontophoresis work?

People who have tested and tried available antiperspirants unsuccessfully, are generally the people who wind up using Iontophoresis .
For the hands and feet, Iontophoresis necessitates the use of an uncomplicated machine . In the interest of conducting a moderate electric current through the skin, this form of treatment utilizes water .Although understanding precisely how the procedure functions is really difficult , it is presumed that the flow of the sweat is blocked because the outer layer of the skin has been thickened microscopically by the collaboration of the electric current with the mineral particles in the water . The manufacture of perspiration on the palms of the hands or on the soles of the feet is shut down dramatically and abruptly as soon as the flow of sweat is interrupted . It has been confirmed that the chances of a successful therapy by using Iontophoresis is very high for people who perspire extremely from the hands or the feet .A success rate of eighty three percent has been documented by the American Academy of Dermatology .
For the optimal effectivity of the Iontophoresis treatment. It is recommended that sufferers sit and have their hands or feet ,or both, submerged in a trays just deep enough to partly wet the hands and feet  as the machine conducts a moderate electric current via the water , The hands and feet should sit comfortably in the water for twenty to forty minutes. Until the perspiration has diminished to a degree that is more acceptable and agreeable to the patient , the procedure should be replicated daily for the first five to twenty days.
When the beginning phase of the treatment is over it is recommended that the patient establish a maintenance program comprising of essentially the same treatment procedure but now only on a weekly or even for some, on a monthly basis . If the perspiration returns it is very important that the Iontophoresis treatment process is immediately repeated in order that the patient is able to maintain dryness. Before the treatment , patients living in areas where the water is soft will perhaps find it necessary to add a teaspoon of baking soda to the water . It is because of the fact that soft water does not contain all the minerals that are needed to aid the electrical current in moving through the water to the skin that baking soda is sometimes needed. Anticholnergic , a prescription medicine can be used if baking soda doesn’t work .
Caution !
Although excessive sweating of the feet and hands are effectively treated with Iontophoresis , there are specific instances where Iontophoresis should not be administered. For cardiac patients , people with significant implants like replacement joints ,people with Epilepsy or Pregnant women, the therapy with Iontophoresis is strongly discouraged. Before commencing with the treatment all abrasion and cuts on the areas to be treated should be coated with ointment that acts as a barrier , like Vaseline , to impede irritation, furthermore the removal of all jewelry is imperative. Many people have concerns about receiving electric shocks while treating with Iontophoresis. Your Doctor can give you the best guidance on methods of treatments for avoiding electric shocks .
It is recommended to use a one percent hydrocortisone cream when the skin becomes irritated because of treatment with Iontophoresis . Iontophoresis is not only effective for reducing excessive perspiration of the feet and the hands , It can also be used to control Axiallary Hyperhidrosis ( sweating of the underarms ) . However, it is very important to be very attentive when treating the armpits because the skin there is very thin and is often susceptible to hypersensitivity.
Above all it is essential to obtain to the consultation of a health care professional regarding the correct method of employing Iontophoresis. Your doctor will supply you with an ordinance for an Iontophoresis device for use in the home , after establishing that it is in fact the best therapy for you . You do not need a prescription to buy a Idromed or a Hidrex device if you live in Germany.

Side effects of Iontophoresis?

Worrying about possible effects is only natural for someone who is just about to begin Iontophoresis therapy. Fortunately the side effects from Iontophoresis are scanty . However, some people contend that the sensations that a lot of patients feel after the treatment should also be considered as being side effects.
Many users have described a unique sensation that is similar to a needles and pins feeling or to a feeling of being tickled. It has been acknowledged that it can be painful when the current used is too strong . To avert the possibility of suffering pain in those areas it is advised that patients coat open wounds during the treatment .
Vesiculation has been reported by very few patients . Appearing as small bubbles on the skin , This condition as a rule is quickly alleviated. In addition to the patients with the tiny bubbles on the skin there are also patients that disclose having experienced redness of the skin particularly at the waterline. These conditions appear frequently and resolve quickly  and are only minor problems .
Altogether, for people suffering from Hyperhidrosis, Iontophoresis has demonstrated that it is a successful treatment. Please, before starting treatment consult your doctor , he will make it possible for you to ascertain whether the Iontophoresis treatment is good for you and then if you need a Iontophoresis machine for the treatment he will supply you with the proper prescription .
Iontophoresis has been used for years to successfully treat Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating).Iontophoresis used to treat sweating is a conservative therapy and is a standard therapy for the treatment of Hyperhidrosis on the feet, hands and armpits . It is widely seen as the first choice among available treatments for combating excessive sweating . Because they fulfill their high professional standards , our well tried and proven therapy devices , Idromed and Hidrex , have been used and have been trusted by Dermatologists and clinics world wide for many years .
Iontophoresis against sweating : The parts of the body that suffer from excessive sweating most often are the feet . Hands and armpits, are treated for 15 to 20 minutes with a strong Direct Current or a Pulsating Current . The goal of the treatment is to bring the sweating back to a natural level without damaging the sweat glands. The therapy usually begins to show results after 10 treatments .
 The success of the therapy is remarkable: the chances of a successful therapy with Iontophoresis used against excessive sweating are just bit above ninety eight percent. This high rate of success is not only a result of exceptional therapy support , but also of choosing the machine best suited to your personal needs. To learn more about this please click on : Iontophoresis devices.
Iontophoresis is very easy , safe and comfortable to use at home .But professional after sale support is extremely helpful to insure an optimal and long lasting success. Buy from Specialists ! is your qualified source for professional Iontophoresis devices. Included in the price of our machines is the free access to our internet site Support Forum .We respond quickly and competently to any questions that you may have .
Super fast : All the machines that are in stock and that are ordered before 12 noon will be made ready for shipment on the same day. We mail to most countries and accept credit card , Paypal ,cash on delivery and there is a 2% discount for payment by cash in advance .
You'll find our test , more detailed information about the machines that we offer, and a summary of each of their advantages here : Iontophoresis Machines Summary.
Do you need help in deciding which Iontophoresis device you should buy ?
Click here to find out all about the differences in our Iontophoresis machines 
The Idromed 5PS and the Hidrex PSP1000 : Our recommendation against extreme sweating and Hyperhidrosis.
The big advantage with these Pulsating Current machines is that , you hardly feel the therapy current. A therapy with direct current can be particularly painful and unpleasant for children and especially in painful areas like the armpits . In contrast ,with a Pulsating Current therapy you can mostly  treat excessive sweating of the armpits ,hands and feet gently . This is the reason that we generally always recommend a Pulsating Current machine .
Especially the Idromed PS and the Hidrex PSP are in our opinion, the most pleasant and comfortable machines for the treatment of Hyperhidrosis available on the market today .

For the physical Iontophoresis therapy of Hyperhidrosis of the hands ( Manum ), feet ( Pedum ) , and armpits (axillaris ) for use at home or for use by Doctors and clinics we recommend the Iontophoresis devices IDROMED 5GS and 5PS from the firm Dr. Hönle and respectively the Iontophoresis machines HIDREX GS400 and HIDREX PSP1000 from the firm Hidrex . The abbreviation PS stands for the milder Pulsating Current technique. Nevertheless , extreme sweating can also successfully treated with the patient friendlier Pulsating Current. You can find more helpful details for making the right choice when choosing a machine here:  Differences in Iontophoresis machines

Which machine is the right one for the treatment of excessive sweating?

Our Overview of Iontophoresis machines tries to explain this: Facts, differences, features, descriptions, advantages of the Iontophoresis devices listed above

- 2 year guarantee for Hidrex , as well as a 4 year guarantee for Idromed / Hönle.
- mains operation
- The electrodes are permanent and must not be replaced . In other respects there are very few consumable supplies - except for the washable sponges that are used for the treatment of the armpits and the washable towels used for the treatment of hands and feet that come with the Hidrex sets , they will eventually need to be changed some day
- No “ electric fence“ effect
- Compact
- Light ( the set with carrying case weighs approx.2.5 kg. ).
- Simultaneous treatment of hands and feet is possible. Foot switch is not necessary for treatment of hands . Modern design.
- Very robust and still very light .
- Also available as Pulsating Current variant for very sensitive patients , children for example .
- Suitable for Doctors practices and for clinics.
 Contraindications to Iontophoresis :
=Endoprothesis / metal implants in the area of the current flow ( arms or legs ) prohibit the treatment of the respective extremities.
=Patients with an implanted electronic device ( a cardiac pacemaker for example ).
= A pregnancy is also a contraindication. There is not enough experience to guarantee that tap water Iontophoresis can be carried out without hazards . In case of pregnancy , the therapy should be stopped.
= Larger areas of skin damage ( big open wounds and scraped areas ) that can't easily be covered with Vaseline are also ( even when temporary ) a contraindication.
=Intrauterine pessar , meaning the Spiral ( here we are referring to the version containing metal ) is a contraindication for the treatment of the feet .
All of the above listed prices are final prices including tax. Free shipping to all countries of delivery !
Payment with credit card , Paypal ,cash in advance ( 2% discount ) or cash on delivery is possible .
These offers concern CE – Certified quality products for the home ,Doctors office or for Clinics. The manufacturer is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN 46001 . The machines are produced in Germany . You benefit directly from the fast and convenient Internet sales and distribution.

Treatment of sweaty, smelly feet, and sweaty hands and armpits
Sweaty and smelly feet: Iontophoresis can help and has proved to be outstandingly successful in the treatment of sweaty, smelly feet and for excessive sweating of the hands as well as armpits .On this website you’ll find article on the topics of Iontophoresis , extreme sweaty and smelly feet and general information on Sweating , strong Transpiration, Hyperhidrosis. Help for excessive Sweating and treatment possibilities for localized Hyperhidrosis. We also suggest our own Iontophoresis and Hyperhidrosis forum and our Hyperhidrosis Glossary Choosing a Iontophoresis machine according to it's application area.
Here is a rough description of this website:
Introduction: Machine comparison and help in choosing the right machine for an optimal therapy .
Sales and online shop on the subject of : Therapy for sweaty , smelly feet ,sweaty armpits and sweaty hands . Under this home page you’ll also find the web based information portal relating to the subject of Current therapy by extreme sweating and the corresponding Special forum. The majority of the users of this method of suppressing the symptoms of Hyperhidrosis are very enthusiastic about how effective it is .

Operating a Iontophoresis machine- using the Idromed as an example

Excessive sweating in normal situations: There are many people who sweat excessively the whole day long –mostly on the feet , on the hands and under the armpits ( here the sweating leaves telltale large wet spots on the clothes ) – these people are constantly soaking wet to the skin and drenched in their own sweat , and as a result do not really want to be around other people . This excessive sweating can be treated !
Many special topics such as Sweat Gland Extraction, Aluminum Chloride, Botox treatments , Operations , as well as many terms and concepts all under the larger heading of „“Help I'm sweating ! who or what can help me ?“ are introduced , examined and explained .
Help for excessive sweating
Before going out and buying a Iontophoresis machine you should inform yourself about the therapy itself. So that you don't end up with a mispurchase which doesn't help anybody. These pages are the most extensive and complete information to be found on the subject of tap water Iontophoresis . Informing yourself before you buy about the treatment of Hyperhidrosis with a Iontophoresis device optimizes your chances of having a successful Hyperhidrosis treatment .
Sweaty ,smelly feet are a big problem ,not only for the owner of those feet . The annoying smell can in many cases permeate the shoes and annoy fellow human beings. If the excessive transpiration of the feet can be positively regulated, then the annoying odor normally disappears with the reduction of the sweat . Sweaty ,smelly feet can usually not be controlled with normal household remedies. The fight against sweaty feet can be won by using the Iontophoresis current therapy .

Excessive sweating is awful!
You’d like to stop sweating excessively ? You want to make a concerted effort to combat sweaty ,smelly feet , sweaty hands and armpits? Are you looking for help or for an instrument to stop your excessive sweating . It is understandable that you can not accept or endure your excessive sweating any longer . No matter how many different Antiperspirants you’ve tried , until now none have been effective in controlling the excessive sweating of your sweaty ,smelly feet , sweaty hands or sweaty armpits . But now , after a lot of searching you’ve reached your goal of finding a means of controlling your excessive sweating !
Here you can inform yourself about the Iontophoresis therapy as treatment for excessive sweating . The devices are available for sale in our online shop .
Preventing smelly feet
You’d like to finally get rid of those smelly feet ? Combat excessive sweating of the feet ? Are you looking for help or for a way to treat smelly feet ?
Learn more about the problem of smelly feet , how it develops and about the possibilities for avoiding it .
Iontophoresis and sweating

Loads of information on the topics of Iontophoresis and sweating. Here you can buy Iontophoresis machines online, choose a Iontophoresis machine – tap water Iontophoresis for Hyperhidrosis. Save money ! Ask for price and performance . For us giving you excellent value for your money is a basic principle . It’s not always the cheapest offer , but the offer that provides most for your money. Paying attention only to the price can mean the difference between sweating heavily and being dry. We recommend our services as Specialist for Hyperhidrosis and Iontophoresis . Iontophoresis has proved itself as an efficient, successful solution for the treatment of sweaty feet , hands and armpits .Household remedies and other means of treatment fall far short of the success of treatment with Iontophoresis.

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