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At the dawn of 2010, we would like to proudly announce that we have become the exclusive partner of two of the world´s most reputable Iontophoresis device suppliers: HIDREX and Dr. Hoenle (Idromed) in English speaking areas of the world.

We believe in selling via partners all over the world, because this is the best way to increase the popularity of Iontophoresis therapy to treat hyperhidrosis. Iontophoresis is not well known as a highly successful treatment for hyperhidrosis by many people around the world, including many Dermatologists and medical professionals. In fact, Iontophoresis is primarily used as a drug delivery treatment, so many people find it surprising that it can even stop sweating.

As is the case with all of our products, we offer you a good wholesale price, enabling you to spend more on ads using google adwords, in print media ads, and wherever else you want. The primary goal is to bring Iontophoresis to the attention of hyperhidrosis sufferers as a very effective potential treatment.

We would be happy if you decide to join us in the Iontophoresis “family” and become our partner too.  If you do become a partner, we provide you with all photographic material and general information around the theme of Iontophoresis, irrespective of the size of your business.  We also provide (if desired) link partnerships and a partner program that pays out a good commission to your company when someone purchases a device from our website by clicking on a banner ad on your website. We ship worldwide. This partner program may only be interesting if you only sell nationally or only Europe-wide.

We also launched a new antiperspirant product for which we are searching for resellers.  There are numerous antiperspirants already on the market, but our product is unique. Instead of basing the aluminum chloride in an alcohol solution, we have based it in a good hand-cream that exhibits the properties and behavior of a skin lotion.

The cream is available in 3 strengths. We are searching for partners all over the world, except in the USA and Canada.  This program is not an exclusive agreement.  More than one seller in a country is acceptable to us.

We recently launched an After Iontophoresis cream called Current Care, now avialable in our online stores dedicated to Iontophoresis and excessive sweating.

Excessive Sweating relief is not an easy process, many types of solutions are avialable but not all of them   really work. The goal of our work is to make available to you tools that can help you improve your quality of life .

Company Info:

The past - we've come a long way:

In 1998, Markus Bindner started his business with a focus on helping people to  treat their  severe sweating problems . While studying sports, informatics and technics, Markus published the Germany-based website  on the internet when the internet was still in its infancy.

After dealing with various Iontophoresis devices for many years, Markus judged the HIDREX and Idromed (Dr. Hoenle) machines to be the two most reliable and superior products and decided to focus on selling those two products.

Initially, the selling price of the machines was around 1200 EUROS, so only clinics, doctors and a few private individuals who could afford it purchased the machines.  In recent years, the price has come down significantly to less than 500 EUROS for the Direct Current (DC) devices and less than 750 EUROs for the Pulsating Current (PC) devices. This price reduction has been possible due to our manufacturers’ ability to sell more machines and streamline the production and marketing process. We also provide professional support to customers via direct contact as well as discussion forums.

Recent history:

After seeing increasing sales over the years, we started to sell outside of Germany and spread the word about how Iontophoresis can reduce sweating, and by reducing the  sweating,   reduce the psychological impact of the "sweating problem", because the psychological impact of  Hyperhidrosis is quite  significant. Since 2006, we have had a presence in English speaking countries via our website. We continuously strive to improve our Iontophoresis devices by making minor changes to the machines on a regular basis.

 In 2008, we launched a Spanish website with a native Spanish speaker providing support. In 2009, we developed a unique innovative antiperspirant cream.

The launch of represents another milestone for us.

1998 - Launch on the German marketplace

1999 - Started to deal with the professional Iontophoresis device Idromed 3 from Dr. Hoenle

2002 - Release of Idromed 4

2003 - First Pulsed Current Iontophoresis device version of the Idromed 4

2006 - Launch of websites, specializing in sales to the English speaking market

2008 - Launch of Spanish website in collaboration with a native Spanish speaker

2008 - Launch of Spanish shop und forum, run through a native Spanish speaker, specializing in sales to the Spanish speaking market.

2008 - Release of the Idromed 5

2009 - Launch of Italian information website

2009 - Started to deal with HIDREX as their exclusive sales agent and marketing coordinator for their Iontophoresis devices for the English speaking market

2009 - Started selling our own unique “sweat-protect” brand of antiperspirant cream

2010 - Launch of as a Iontophoresis portal

2010 - Started to deal with Dr. Hoenle (Idromed) as their exclusive sales agent and marketing coordinator for their Iontophoresis devices for the English speaking market

2010 - Launch of with the shop specializing in sales to the French speaking market.

2010 - Launch of shops specializing in sales to the North american and english speaking market with regards to a wide product range to combat sweating.

2010 - Started the development of our own unique brand “Current Care”, an after Iontophoresis Aftercare Lotion.

2010 - Launch of info pages for Portugal with a shop and forum run through a native Portugues speaker, specializing in sales to the Spanish speaking market.

2011 - Launch of info pages for Italy asd Switzerland with a shop and forum run through a native Italian speaker, specializing in sales to the Italian speaking market.

2011 - Production Start of Current-Care.

The future – still a long way to go:

We have the will and the resources to launch our own newer Iontophoresis products and market them worldwide. Iontophoresis therapy has been used to successfully treat Hyperhidrosis for decades. However, it still has a somewhat bad reputation. Newer machines such as HIDREX and Idromed have an extremely high success rate, and also result in (when used the correctly) zero pain treatment. We strive continuously to improve our products  as well as to educate the general public about the benefits of Iontophoresis, using modern and professional products.

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