Money back

Money-back guarantee!!!

If you are not contented with the results of your iontophoresis device, we will offer you a full payback for the machine itself, the power unit and the step-up converters!

The shipping prices of 70€ are not included in the warranty (see here), as well as accessory equipment such as underarm electrode pads, upgrades such as the stainless steel electrodes, face masks and express shipping expenses.

We not only offer the legal Right of Cancellation, but also a two months money-back guarantee for the Iontophoresis devices ordered in our shop, as long as you are the legal owner.
The money-back guarantee does not affect your Right of Cancellation, especially concerning accessory equipment.
Other providers of Iontophoresis machines don't even permit the customer to unwrap, let alone try the device (sealed package), and if they do, very often  not even a small amount of their money is refunded. This is a big risk, since no one can tell in advance if the therapy is going to work .
Our devices however, can be tested for two months without limitations. During those two months, you  are its' letigimate owner,you can use the machine as often and in as many different set-ups as you like, without being asked questions if you choose to return it to us.
The money-back guarantee starts once the device and the guarantee in written  form have been delivered to you.
 Within those eight weeks, you can let us know about your decision to fall back on the money-back guarantee in written form (via letter, fax, or e-mail) or by sending your device to:
Markus Bindner
Carl-Helbing-Straße 19
79312 Emmendingen
Fax: 0049 76419593766

We only refund costs that originated from the designated use of the devices. Damage through loss, drop or careless treatment (scratches, breakage) of the Iontophoresis machines, the power units and the step-up converters are not covered by this. (Annotation: If you treat the machines and the power units very gently - avoidance of scratches -, we will totally refund the money-back for the unit, the transformers and the power unit). Please grant us the adequate retransfer time of 30 days at the maximum after the arrival of your items (Iontophoresis machine, power unit and transformer) at our office, or the receipt of your money on your bank-, PayPal- or credit card account. Please make sure to sufficiently stamp your package to avoid of additional shipping costs. The money-back guarantee does not affect your Right of Cancellation, specifically concerning accessory equipment. for a risk-free purchase of Iontophoresis devices! Try it or skip it!

Please note our 3rd party money-back insurance to convince yourself that your expenses will be  refunded as  promised without any additional costs for you!

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