Perspiration is natural. Our skin perspires to draw heat from the body and is a crucial factor in the regulation of heat by the body. Our skin cools when the perspiration evaporates. In a twenty four hour period, most people will sweat about a half liter. When a person, even in a cool climate, perspires more than a half a liter this is called excessive sweating or Hyperhidrosis.

When we perspire excessively, the afflicted body part will be constantly wet, even when we are not physically active. The palms will cool off after evaporation takes place and as a result the hands become cold and clammy wet. Other annoying problems are caused by excessive perspiration of the feet ; the feet can regularly have the feeling of being immersed in a water puddle – the continuously wet feet permit Athletes foot and bacteria to flourish, as well as foot odor.
The treatment for excessive sweating is simpler than you would realize. A success rate of an estimated 98% of the cases has been attained with Iontophoresis, a modern alternative, using the Idromed 5 device. After achieving dryness with Iontophoresis, weekly maintenance treatments are needed. this normally takes about fifteen minutes.
 In case that you are regrettably a part of the two percent of sufferers who do not achieve success with Iontophoresis, then our eight week trial 100% money back guarantee means that there is no financial risk for you.
Engineered and produced in Germany, our products are solidly designed to function for a lifetime. However if your device should be damaged or fail mechanically, then it is comforting to know that every Idromed 5DC arrives with a full two year warranty and the Idromed 5PC has a full four year warranty. Additional information and details can be found in the FAQ section of our store website.
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Why do we Perspire ?

If we perspire excessively the obvious question would be to ask why. Technically / professionally known as Diaphoresis, perspiring serves a very important physiological function. We are born with between two and four million sweat glands in our bodies and their job is to cool the body down when we become overheated, be it from internal or external influences.
When our bodies produce excess heat because of various activities, the prime mechanism in combating overheating is sweating. A cooling of the skin is achieved from the evaporation of the sweat. Our bodies’ constant temperature is controlled and maintained because we can perspire.
Freezing would be the opposite of sweating. We feel comfortable when our body temperature is balanced, when we don’t sweat or freeze. Our body is constantly trying to maintain this balance. Pheromones and body odors are also carried and transmitted by sweating, and also play an important role in our social relationships. We are all constantly sweating, even at rest. This constant sweating helps to keep our skin soft and smooth. Dry, brittle and chapped skin is the result of this balance being disrupted in a negative way. Excessive sweating would be the opposite of this. The hands will feel damp and cold when they sweat too much. Hyperhidrosis is sweating that is excessive and sustained.
Management of body heat is not the only crucial role that the sweating and the sweat play in our lives. It can regulate our actions and perceptions as well. Bromhidrosis or odorous, smelly sweat contains bacteria and it is these bacteria that are responsible for the pungent smell. The main problem is usually the armpits. Sadly, most people usually equate a strong odor with a lack of hygiene. Most people afflicted with this condition wash themselves many times a day and use a deodorant, to no avail. The Bromhidrosis remains. The only effective method of eliminating the bad smell is to prohibit the excessive sweating. This eliminates the bacteria that produce the smell and solves the problem entirely.
 Most of those suffering from Hyperhidrosis often are not aware of the fact that there are relatively simple ways to impede excessive sweating. Tap water Iontophoresis has proved to be a very successful therapy for the treatment of excessive sweating of the feet, armpits and hands. If you know someone in your circle of friends, or business associates who suffers from Hyperhidrosis, please refer them to these pages. They’ll be grateful!

Are there remedies to counter excessive sweating ?

Is there anything that can help me stop sweating? On the Internet there is no lack of tips and remedies on how to combat excessive sweating. Unfortunately most of the tips and home remedies that you’ll find on the internet are inadequate and futile. One example is : “wash your feet “, well you can wash your feet, but after five minutes they’ll start to sweat again and the acrid smell will shortly return. Regrettably home remedies are not effective or practical, at most they bring very short term relief, but sadly most often they simply do not work. Professional solutions like Iontophoresis welcome all who suffer from HH.

What is the cause for Hyperhidrosis?

There are no internal causes that can be medically determined and no one has yet scientifically identified and explained the cause of excessive sweating. As of yet, there is no medical cure for excessive sweating. There is a theory, based on some studies that excessive sweating is perhaps only a problem in the mind. However relegating Hyperhidrosis to the psychological shelf is perhaps a too simple and compelling explication. It’s clear that you can sometimes tell how nervous or stressed a person is before an important meeting when you shake their hands – you feel a “wet “ handshake. There are those who assert that excessive sweating can be eliminated with the right mental readjustment- they believe that it is a mental problem. But, the psychological origin of excessive sweating is entirely speculative and only a very limited number of people have profited from psychological treatment.

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