Sweating Severely

When we sweat too much, we sweat excessively - then we call it Hyperhidrosis.

Excessive sweating or Hyperhidrosis is not normal but sweating is normal.

Your excessive sweating problem could be solved by Iontophoresis.

 Have you been looking for help in solving  your problem of excessive sweating ? Find out  if Iontophoresis could be interesting for you , inform yourself further by looking at our other pages and checking out our Forum. We have a 98% success rate, but we cannot guarantee success for everyone. With our after sales support we attempt to reduce the risk of a failed therapy. If you are one of the unlucky few for whom the Iontophoresis treatment does not work we will send you your money back for the Iontophoresis machine.
Using private messages on our internal support forums we try to immediately answer any questions that you may have.
Below you will find a selection of questions from our clients relating to where complications can arise with Iontophoresis. Some may contain information that could be useful for you :
A solution of Glycopyrrolate: The Skin and Cancer Foundation from Melbourne asked:
At the moment I'm having a problem with the Iontophoresis treatments and I'm wondering if you could help me out.
Once a week for about forty minutes I treat with the Idromed 4PS and I have also found a Glycopyrrolate solution at 0.05% strength that a pharmacist makes for me. This solution is used in the Iontophoresis machines ( where you only have to treat once a week ) of a Iontophoresis clinic here in Melbourne run by the Skin and Cancer Foundation. I donít know why, but the sweating is starting to come back- this is my problem. You have to go to them if you want help- they only do the treatments in their clinics on their machines and I canít ring them for advice. The machine is going up to 23 mA for the whole time and Iím putting salt in the water. Can you think of any reason why this might not be working so well for me? I am using the Driclor roll at night as the pharmacist advised, could this be the reason it is getting worse?
Thank you again for all your help.
Warm regards

Excessive sweating on the palms
Sweaty palms and sweaty feet are my problem. Can your products help my sweating ? FYI: The Doctor I have consulted said that it comes from stress. Which of your products can help me with my problem ? What does your product cost ? How long is the delivery time and how do I make a purchase ?
My home is in Indonesia.
Hello Markus, I have now started my treatment, had my first two sessions and I wanted to give you a few updates. I am doing ten sessions every other day plus five sessions two sessions one in five days plus two sessions, one in three days, this is the schedule suggested by the Italian Hyperhidrosis association. Thirty minutes Fifteen plus fifteen with inverted polarity is the suggested duration, This is eight and a half hours initially. Would you suggest a different time table or do you think that this is OK ? Until now Iíve used sixteen mA current intensity, but I could probably increase this. My hands felt dry after yesterdays session, this morning however, my palms were wet and cold again. Would you please activate the reserved area of the forum for me?
I want to treat my sweaty hands and I am thinking about buying an Iontophoresis device. Maybe my hands don't sweat as badly as some other peoples hands and I wanted to ask how badly they have to sweat for the therapy to work effectively. I have a copper coil and I remember reading somewhere that this would be a contraindication for Iontophoresis. Is this so ? I would greatly appreciate any information Thank You.


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