Problems with sweaty smelly feet?

Hereís how you can solve the problem with sweaty, smelly feet! If you are too embarrassed to take your shoes off after sport activities, or in social situations because of the unpleasant odors eliminating from your feet, then you have a problem with sweaty feet that should be taken seriously.

If you are plagued with extreme sweating of the feet, then you should consider treatment with Iontophoresis. This simple procedure using electric current ( donít worry itís not high voltage!) is quite probably the best chance youíll have of solving your problem with extreme sweating of the feet. Many people with this problem feel that there is nothing that they can do about it and resign, helpless at the mercy of this condition. Now there is a way to put an end to this Problem.
 Iontophoresis offers, like no other household remedy can, a good chance of reaching the goal of being sweat free and saying goodbye to sweaty, smelly feet.
Try out Iontophoresis and convince yourself that it is an effective therapy... try an eight week test!
Buy from qualified specialists - have access to their forum Ė advisory service Ė we are there to help you after you buy, if you need us.
Iontophoresis against Sweaty, smelly feet :
How do smelly feet come about Ė first Steps for the relief from smelly feet?
 In combating sweaty feet, the role of the sweat itself should not be underestimated. Sweat is at first odorless, but sweat transports many things with it, minerals and then comes the problem of bacteria on top of everything. Bacteria come in many different forms, and some Bacteria ď stink ď because their decomposition product is foul smelling.
When a person has reduced the intensity of their sweating with Iontophoresis therapy, there is still, in spite of the reduction of the sweating, the problem of the unpleasant smell. The problem with unpleasant odors presents itself in all three major areas of Iontophoresis application in various degrees.
Iontophoresis Is known to be effective in the treatment of the following sweating problems :

Sweating of the hands:
As the hands are usually not enclosed in gloves and are in the open air, the sweat evaporates. The hands are also washed regularly so that the bacteria donít have the chance to settle there as they do in the folds of the skin of the underarms. Also, a person is always in movement and rubs his hands against his clothes or grabs this or that so that there is always a small amount of abrasion that results in the bacteria not having a chance to reproduce excessively. Itís different when you have an arm in a plaster cast in summer. Then even if you donít sweat very much, you'll notice how quickly It starts to smell rotten under your cast.

Sweaty Feet:

If a person goes barefoot the situation is the same as with the hands : lots of abrasion because of walking and washing, free evaporation of the sweat, very few skin folds ( except for between the toes, this is usually where athletes foot begins) where bacteria can begin to reproduce and begin to stink. Many sufferers find help in the summer months by wearing sandals, but the bacteria can also find place to reproduce on the surface where the foot makes contact with the bottom of the sandal. An ideal solution would be to have Cedar wood insoles or cedar wood soles integrated into the sandals. For many people, Cedar wood brings some relief from sweaty smells, the same goes for socks with real silver thread. These socks when properly made, are often sufficient in hemming the reproduction of the bacteria and the accompanying bad smells.
The problems come in the winter. In colder regions and countries of the world itís impossible to wear sandals, let alone to go barefoot in the winter. So there are a lot of feet that are enclosed in shoes the whole day long and the process begins: sweat (humidity ), minerals, small particles of skin, body temperature = sweaty feet in all gradations. Some have people have no problem with this and others stink from the shoes something terrible.

Sweating from the armpits :

The folds of the skin under the arms play an important role in summer as well as in winter: just like in shoes, the skin folds provide all the elements for the development of smelly sweat. Underarm hair also provides ideal conditions for the rapid development of unpleasant sweaty smells. In many cases shaving the armpits has proved effective in combating the build up of the strong sweaty smell.
The annoying smells are found by all of the forms of sweating described above and are often accompanied with a more or less strong Bromhidrosis (secretion of foul smelling sweat) When the sweat smell is extremely strong it can stay in socks and in clothes even after washing. Then the best solution is to throw those clothes away after you have won your battle against excessive sweating.
The best chances in the fight against sweaty feet
Two proven products in against sweaty feet, a great team :
 Iontophoresis against the sweating & Klenz against smells and bacteria
Our recommendation :
Give Iontophoresis a chance. Try it!
There are many reports from many different sources on the internet of successful therapy with Iontophoresis. Its effectiveness has been documented in various clinical studies. Iontophoresis therapy is used in University Clinics, Dermatology Centers and by Dermatologists all over the world. Iontophoresis is an effective therapy against excessive sweating and especially for excessive sweating of the feet, has long been recognized by the medical profession and is absolutely legitimate.
 Before you buy, we would like to point out that we recommend buying a professional Iontophoresis machine. Iontophoresis machines used in the treatment of excessive sweating are Medical Technical Products that must be approved and authorized according to the German law regarding medical products.
Be careful where and what you buy though ! There are machines on the market today that are offered very cheap. They have cheap electrodes, cheap sponges, cheap treatment trays, unmanageable concept, antiquated technique, ďelectric fenceď effect, instruction booklets that are reduced to a minimum, no contact person, thin cables, they are run on Batteries ( which of course reduces the performance of the machine ). All of these factors complicate, hinder and impede their use in clinics and their use in the home.
He who buys cheap, will often have to buy twice (or even three times)!
Please inform yourself and look very carefully before you buy!

What you should know about sweaty, smelly feet.
Itís commonly accepted that the term ďsweaty smelly feet ď refers to a malodorous stench emanating from the pedal extremities. When someone with this problem takes off their shoes after he or she has had them on for awhile, the well known cheesy smell spreads very quickly. Embarrassing situations arise when one has no extra clean socks to put on after washing the feet. It is well known that the awful smell quickly disappears after washing the feet with soap ( if it doesnít go away after washing once one can wash them again and again until the smell is gone ). One can take the old socks, stuff them in the shoes and put the shoes outside the door, and so one can at least save face in this situation. Normally a person that suffers from sweaty, smelly feet tries to avoid such ďintimateď situations. But sometimes itís enough to be in a small room with not enough air circulation for a longer time and the smell works itself through the shoes to spread out and fill the entire room with its unpleasant smell.
For sweaty, smelly feet, Iontophoresis therapy is a very good choice to achieve 100% sweat reduction. Especially the feet have the highest the chances of success, as compared to the treatment of the armpits for example.
Bad smelling feet is not a disease in the medical sense, but rather a symptom that perhaps the person is simply sweating too much. How much the feet sweat is very individual. One person doesnít sweat at all ( not that you can notice ), others donít sweat enough ( their skin is then too dry and cracks easily ). The feet are often neglected during skin care. Most Podiatrists could write a book about badly treated feet, and rightly so. We stamp on our feet the whole day long and donít think about them until something goes wrong with them. There are many different kinds of foot problems, More about this subject on our special page about foot care.
 Having sweaty, smelly feet is a problem that should be taken seriously. Too often one forgets the serious ramifications that such a sweating problem can have. A widespread belief for example, is that the feet should be washed often Ė which is partially right- but  otherwise completely wrong ( especially when the suffering person washes too many times one after the other ). Foot powders and Deodorants that are supposed to cover up the noxious smell and prevent sweaty feet are as ineffective as a drop of water in the desert. Having smelly feet is not a medical indication and for this reason many people try to come to terms with it and just live with it.
Sweaty, smelly feet as a problem:
Help I have sweaty, smelly feet! Sweaty, smelly feet are irritating companions that one is glad to get rid of. One can distinguish between the condition of sweating with and without the bad smell. But both conditions involve having the nasty bathtub feeling, mostly in sneakers that are not breathable and is much worse than in leather shoes. Excessive sweating on the feet is known as Hyperhidrosis or Hyperhidrosis pedum. Whatever you want to call it, this Hyperhidrosis pedum- with or without the terrible smell - life is much more enjoyable without it.
What are the possibilities for saying goodbye to Sweaty, smelly feet?
Iontophoresis can bring help and relief to people suffering from sweaty, smelly feet.

 Iontophoresis isa galvanic electro therapy. This therapy form is especially promising for successful treatment and could be the simple solution for the excessive sweating as well as the embarrassing smell.
This is how Iontophoresis works to reduce excessive sweating.
 The approach is a simple one : Through the use of Iontophoresis the sweat glands should return to their normal function and no longer produce excessive sweat when at rest. The goal is to sweat normally during times of higher stress and that the sweat glands do not overly produce sweat during times of normal stress. Thus when the sweat production has been reduced to normal levels, then the bacteria that feed off of the sweat and produce the smelly decomposition product are also held at a normal level Ė depending on the kind of shoes. The worst shoes would be old sneakers or badly ventilated work shoes that have been worn a long time.
Read more about the treatment possibilities on our start sites, or generally in Internet or on our forum: Sweaty feet and sweaty hands are finally gone!!!
Iontophoresis against sweaty feet :

If the sweating of the feet stays within certain limits then the problem with smelly feet will be mostly minimal. As long as the shoes stay on. But when go into a house and have to take your shoes off, then finally will the revolting smells disclose themselves.
 Also when they are in shoes, sweaty, smelly feet in extreme cases are a terrible odorous nuisance for the sufferer as well as well as for his fellow human beings. The pungent, cheesy smell is a disturbing and should be treated quickly.
If you donít know how to solve your problem with sweaty, smelly feet this side is also accessible over the easily remembered side in internet: -  Bear in mind that many of the afflicted, are desperately looking for a solution for their sweaty, smelly feet, even though it is embarrassing and for many a taboo to talk about it. Usually it is a relief for sufferers to talk about their problem, after one takes the first step. Talk about it! You can do something about sweaty, smelly feet!!
Sweaty, smelly feet, help: a further aspect on the theme of smelly feet : especially the younger generation has a hard time dealing with the following problem : sweaty, smelly feet in sneakers
Lack of hygiene is in most of the cases not the reason. Sweat is by itself, odorless.
Often excessive sweating of the feet is unfortunately accompanied by excessive sweating of the hands. This is probably because people who have a tendency for hyperhidrosis mostly sweat from three places. These are the armpits, the feet (including the bad smell ), and the hands.
Bacteria are responsible for the bad smell!
The bacteria that have settled in the socks and shoes are responsible for the annoying smell. If in the long term you cannot get rid of the smell, then the solution, unfortunately, is throwing those socks and shoes away. An expensive solution. Also not very nice is being happy about having bought new sneakers, wearing them the first time and finding out that your feet sweat profusely in them.
Not everyone whose feet sweat a lot also have smelly feet. Why this is, and why some people who sweat excessively do not have bad smelling feet and socks has not yet been scientifically ascertained.
Therefore the problem of annoying smelly feet, socks and shoes remains unsolved. At any rate, one can observe that in some shoes your feet can sweat and smell quite badly and in other shoes not. Itís conceivable that the bacteria that are responsible for the smell donít feel comfortable in the sweat free shoes. Otherwise everyone who sweats because of physical exercise would also have stinky socks.
Extremely annoying is having excessively wet feet by sport. When your feet get too wet from sweating they slip and slide inside of your shoes and you do not feel that your feet have a good grip. Also annoying is that, because your feet are swimming inside your shoes and rubbing against your shoes, painful sores and blisters can quickly develop.
In Summer you mostly donít have this problem because you can go barefoot or wear sandals - except when you sweat so much that you get sores and blisters while wearing your sandals.
Are there other alternatives for treating sweaty, smelly feet?
Alumimum chloride as a means for treating sweaty feet:
Alumnum chloride has failed to establish itself as a means of treating sweaty, smelly feet because it has not been effective enough. The aluminum chloride solutions are difficult to use mostly because application is difficult. It is also quite expensive when treating larger areas.
Iontophoresis against Smelly feet :
What can I do about my smelly feet? Help! My feet sweat profusely!
What can I do?
Are you looking for a means of treating smelly feet?
Treatment of smelly feet with Iontophoresis is possible and can be successful because : Iontophoresis stops the sweating Ė no sweating, no smell, no embarrassment. The simple rule is : no sweat, mostly no smell. Therefore, stop the sweat! Iontophoresis for the treatment of smelly feet in forum 

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