Sweating from nervousness

A psychological phenomena that is in conjunction with Hyperhidrosis and can cause immediate, but mostly non permanent excessive sweating in  some situations is stress. A good example is how this can affect someone is described in the questions from one of our customers and our answers to him below.

Nervousness in association with excessive sweating / Hyperhidrosis - Nervousness, mental or emotional problems often come together with Hyperhidrosis. Iontophoresis tries to break up this vicious circle. If you are seeking advice and help with your sweating problem due to nervousness , then you may likely find the solution in the Iontophoresis therapy. You can find more information in our other pages and on our Forum.

Questions from our customers relating to nervous sweating.
Hello... I have just a couple of questions relating to your products:
First: Are there similarities regarding the people for whom your product hasn’t worked ? My Excessive sweating of the feet and hands is basically a symptom of my confirmed nervous condition ( expedited by a genetic susceptibility and use of drugs ). To varying degrees my palms and feet are habitually sweaty. When I am alone it is not so bad, but out in public (depending on how stressful the situation is, it is worse). Extremely more so on a date, which is a situation that I avoid.
Sweating is just the symptom of my real problem which is my nervousness. Are your machines more suited for people for whom Hyperhidrosis is the confirmed disorder rather than for people for whom it is a side effect?

Also this is more than a footnote regarding my anxiety. Before I stopped smoking, because of the stimulus of the smoking on my nervous system my feet and hands were sweating much more, exactly as they would in a more nervousness provoking situation. I just needed you to understand my physiological condition to make sure that your machine will also work for someone with my complaints as well as for the more typical Hyperhidrosis patient.
To answer your first question:
 It's mostly a matter of people not being able to tolerate the current or that they need to push the machines up to much higher current levels than the devices can deliver /or that they can tolerate.
This is the primary reason why we strongly advocate using pulsed current.
Yes, smoking can activate excessive sweating as can spicy meals.
 If your nerves are the cause of your problem, you may be able to stop the vicious circle with Iontophoresis. If you're lucky the therapy with Iontophoresis will be successful and when the sweating stops your nervousness will also calm down... you will stop the vicious circle of : nervous – sweat – more nervous-, stimulus – more symptoms, in your case sweat.

Thanks for the speedy response. In the next few days I am going to buy one of your devices I must call my mother to verify that she can help me in paying it off back home which will be no problem – my credit card still originates in Canada. Because of the easier and less painful therapy I want to purchase the one with the pulsed current. I have just two more questions and one quick comment:
1. )Is there someone from your staff that is available for support e- mails if necessary ? I presume that the machines are sent with a booklet of instructions to lead one through the therapy with advice on how it should be properly done, settings on the machine etc.
2. ) How do the Idromed and the Hidrex machine differ ?
Please : I would very much appreciate it if you would send the machine as discreetly as possible. I will be delivered at my place of work which is he surest way of sending packages to me. My job interview was done on the telephone, and I don't need to shake hands for my job. Because of this, the people at my work as well as my bosses do not know about my problem with Hyperhidrosis and I don't want them to know about it. Thank you.
Answer to question 1:
All of our orders are shipped discreetly in a plain box with wrapping that is neutral.
Answer to 2:
To understand the differences between the Hidrex and the Idromed please read the Review of Hidrex vs. Idromed, there the differences between the models are in full.

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